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Hi, I am Ursula Knecht, the author of this book.

In writing this book and recording all these free hypnotherapy sessions, I aim to help you and many other people live a more fulfilled, happier life.

So when you give me your thumbs up, more people will find this Channel.

Further, if you share it with your family and friends, more and more people can learn about all these different tools that help you to live a better, more fulfilled life.

Hence, let’s start with the first part of that book. 

The first part in the book to unlock the Miracle Within is the Miracle Question. So as you have seen already online it is a pretty short recording it’s more a meditation than hypnosis session.

step one the miracle question

It is meant to help you to open yourself up for new possibilities

So how would your life look like if you had no limitations if you could do whatever you want to do?

Instead of being stuck in that mindset of whatever you are trained to think?

Most of us have had some stuff in the past that trained us in limiting thoughts some limiting beliefs.

And the most common thing is that we don’t feel good enough!

That’s why this is the fridge magnet I give to my clients.


The feeling that I’m not good enough is restricting us from moving forward.

Hence, I encourage you to do that first session online and read through the book the first chapter. And open your mind up to dreaming without any restrictions!

This is the first step to setting you FREE and unlocking YOUR Miracke within.

So, do the first chapter now, and follow me so you’re not missing out on any updates. Thanks, I see you on the next little video bye-bye for now.