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Why are so many people still waiting to finish what they have started?

Overcoming procrastination through time management

Hi why do so many people not finish reading a book or completing a program they have signed up for?

Hi, I am Ursula Knecht, the author of Unlock the Miracle Within, and I’m a hypnotherapist.

This is a great question: “Why do many people have the motivation to start finding or seeking something new and start reading it and listening to the program, but then they just stop?”

time management to overcome procrastination

From my about 30 years of experience

in that “thing between the ears” that subconscious mind thing I think it is that we are afraid of failure.

This means we are stuck in what’s familiar to us, and we keep on doing what we know how to do because we are afraid of finding out something new.

Because if we do something new, we may fail. That’s the most common thing, but if you learn to think about it a bit differently think about what we often use in hypnotherapy. (I just explained that to one of my clients).

use shoes as an example. So you have shoes you are familiar with your shoes that are worn out, but they are still comfortable probably more comfortable than the newshoes.

But you’re still going to buy a new pair of shoes, throw the old ones away, and get used to the new ones.

Hence, the same thing in your life: to make a change, you must be able to motivate yourself to say okay: “I’m going to do the next step; it doesn’t. It does not matter if I do it NOT perfectly. I will learn one step at a time, and then I will familiarize myself with something new. And the more I do it, the more repetition is the maker of skills!”  

So be patient with yourself, but you also want to schedule regular time. Now that you have started the program “Unlock the Miracle Within” combined with the hypnotherapy sessions online. 

The book has only five steps, so let’s say you take your time for one step, start reading, do the hypnotherapy session and say, “Okay, I want to finish with one step after two weeks.”

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Hence, it takes you 10 weeks for the five steps, and then you can repeat them.

You want to set a specific time at the side where you do it, even if you’re not motivated. 

And then, at the end of the 10 weeks, you will be proud of yourself!

“Yes, yes, I did it!”

“I probably could have done things differently, but I’ve done it the first time!

Then you do it the second time, and then you do different things the

The second time, and then the third time, you realize other things. So every time you’re going to do it, it’s going to be different.

Like every time you drive to work if you have an open mind, if you if you see your surroundings, you’re going to see different things.

Therefore, I’m encouraging you to schedule your time with yourself and the program!

A half an hour this week? You will only need a little time, just a little time here and there.

Okay, keep me posted. Follow me, give me your thumbs up, and ask the following question so I can answer that with the video.

Bye, for now, Ursula Knecht